Tecpro BP111

Beltpack Headset Outstations

The BP111 is a tough, light-weight beltpack suitable for use on the belt, free standing or on a wall. It has been designed to withstand portable use where care is not always taken by the user.

BP111 Beltpack Headset Outstations
  • BP112 and 113 Beltpack Headset Outstations
  • BP111 Beltpack

Product Description

This Item is now DISCONTINUED and has been replaced with item BP511

The operator has a headphone volume control, mic on-off switch, and a signal light/switch for attracting the attention of other users on the same circuit. A pre-set adjustment is provided for the level of the user's voice in his own headphone (sidetone)

All connections to the unit are via XLR type connectors, rather than wired-in leads. This means that cable failures can be overcome by unplugging the faulty lead or headset rather than rewiring the box. All connections are on the bottom, making the unit more comfortable when clipped to the belt.

The high 'bridging impedance' of the unit ensures that side-tone and system sound levels are not altered as outstations are switched on and off the circuit.

The frequency response of the unit is carefully shaped to provide the optimum in both intelligibility and long term aural comfort.

Features (Single circuit)

  • Robust extruded aluminium case - virtually indestructible
  • Recessed controls and connectors - prevents breakage
  • XLR 3 pin connectors - compatible with standard mic cables
  • Rugged, non-tangle beltclip - also useful for wallhanging
  • Specially moulded glass filled nylon bezel protects the unit if dropped
  • Limiter on mic amp - prevents distortion due to overload
  • Mic on-off switch - prevents unwanted noise on circuit
  • Black finish - minimises visibility in stage applications
  • Coloured bezels available as spare parts to enable colour coding of beltpacks


Power requirements 24/30V DC, 10mA quiescent. 40mA max with Signal lamp on
Headphone output Suits 8 ohm to 4k ohm headphones.
Microphone input Suits 200 ohm to 600 ohm dynamic microphones.
Sidetone rejection Up to 45dB.
Connector XLR 3 pin male and female - system loop through XLR 4 pin male for headset.
Dimensions 107 x93 x50mm.
Weight 400g
Construction Black anodised extruded case with glass-filled nylon bezels for protection.