Tecpro BP112 and 113

Beltpack Headset Outstations

The BP112 and BP113 dual circuit headset outstations are very similar to the well proven BP111 single circuit unit, and use the same electronics and controls. However a recessed toggle switch is provided in the top panel of the unit to enable users to select either channel A or channel B operation

BP112 and 113 Beltpack Headset Outstations
  • BP112 and 113 Beltpack Headset Outstations
  • BP113 Beltpack
  • BP112 Beltpack Headset

Product Description

Item BP112 is now DISCONTINUED and has been replaced with item BP523

On the BP112, two XLR 3 pin female connectors are provided for connection to the rings, one connector for each circuit. This version will be useful where users want to use use only standard twin screened (ie. microphone) cables. As both connector positions on the beltpack are used, there is no facility for loop-in, loop-out on this version.

Item BP113 is now DISCONTINUED and has been replaced with item BP525

On the BP113, two XLR 6 pin (Neutrik) connectors are provided, one female and one male, for loop-in, loop-out purposes. This version is intended for applications where only a single cable connection is wanted.

Features (Dual circuit switchable)

  • Circuit selection on beltpack
  • Recessed circuit selector switch
  • 2 XLR 3 pin connectors for separate circuit connections on BP112
  • XLR 6 pin connectors for single cable connection on BP113
  • Economical method for providing choice of operatingchannels


Power requirements 24/30V DC, 10mA quiescent. 40mA max with Signal lamp on
Headphone output Suits 8 ohm to 4k ohm headphones.
Microphone input Suits 200 ohm to 600 ohm dynamic microphones.
Sidetone rejection Up to 45dB.
Connector BP112 - two XLR 3-pin female
BP113 - XLR 6 pin (Neutrik) male and female - system loopthrough
Both versions - XLR 4 pin male for headset.