Tecpro BP116 and BP117

Beltpack Headset Outstations

The BP116 and BP117 dual circuit headset outstations offer full simultaneous dual channel communications. Audio from each ring is fed separately to each earpiece. Many users find it easier to follow two different sound sources when they are fed separately to each ear - a system often known as 'split feed'. Speech and signalling to each circuit is available to either or both simultaneously, as required.

BP116 and 117 Beltpack Headset Outstations
  • BP117 Beltpack
  • BP114 Beltpack Headset

Product Description

Item BP116 is now DISCONTINUED and has been replaced with item BP523

Item BP117 is now DISCONTINUED and has been replaced with item BP525

Note that if they are used on single circuit systems, the second (unused) circuit connection needs to be terminated. (An LI906 will provide this termination).

Headsets to operate with these binaural dual channel beltpacks need to be fitted with an XLR 5 pin connector, and to have both earpieces separately wired. For obvious reasons, single muff headsets are not suitable for use with these units.

Features (Dual circuit (binaural)

  • Simultaneous communication on two circuits
  • Independent volume controls for each circuit
  • Each channel independently fed to each earpiece
  • Speak to either or both circuits
  • Signal (flash) onto either or both circuits
  • Superbright LED Flash indicator shows which channel is calling
  • Two XLR 3 pin female connectors for separate circuit connections on BP116
  • XLR 6 pin connectors for single cable connection on BP117


Power requirements 24/30V DC, 10mA quiescent. 40mA max with Signal lamp on
Headphone output Suits 8 ohm to 4k ohm headphones.
Microphone input Suits 200 ohm to 600 ohm dynamic microphones.
Sidetone rejection Up to 45dB.
Connector BP116 - two XLR 3-pin female
BP117 - XLR 6 pin (Neutrik) male and female - system loop through
Both versions - XLR 5 pin male for headset.