Tecpro BP523 & BP543

Beltpack Headset Outstations

The BP523 dual circuit beltpack has A and B 'Mic Select' switches. Pressing the respective switch will open or close that microphone circuit. The 'Mic Select' switches glow green when activated. Two volume controls are provided for monitoring via a pluggable headset. The BP543 is as the BP523 but includes vibration alert

BP511 Beltpack Headset Outstations
  • BP523 Beltpack Headset Outstations
  • BP523 Beltpack

Product Description

To catch the attention of operators who have removed their beltpack and headset, a call alert signal is sent by pressing the red 'Call' button. This produces a combination of 20kHz tone and a DC signal to trigger the call lights on all user stations and outstations on a chosen circuit. DC call signalling has been retained for compatibility with previous Tecpro designs.

When a call alert signal is received on circuit A, that channel's 'Mic select' and 'Call' buttons flash brightly to attract attention. This is repeated for circuit B. For increased visibility, Series 2 beltpacks have a mimic LED on their base so the call alert may be seen from most angles. A 'Call' send/receive confidence tone is also heard in the headset. This may be muted by pressing a combination of buttons on the beltpack.

An optional vibration motor (as used in mobile phones) is available. This triggers when a call alert signal is received. This function can be switched off by pressing a combination of buttons on the beltpack.

Features (Dual circuit)

  • Two female XLR 3 pin connectors on base for separate circuit connections
  • Compatible with standard mic cables, no loop through
  • Lightweight, robust high impact ABS case
  • Recessed controls and connectors prevent damage
  • New rear mushroom mounting system - mates with swivel belt clip and other mounting options
  • Male XLR 4 pin connector for headset
  • Powerful headphone amplifiers with two independent volume controls
  • Sidetone preset for adjusting level of own voice in headset
  • Limiter on mic amp - prevents distortion due to overload
  • Separate 'Mic Select' switch for each circuit - latching and non-latching operation
  • 'Remote Mic Kill' send and receive - 24kHz tone
  • 'Call' alert signal 20kHz and DC send and receive. Visual and audible 'Call' indication
  • Mimic 'Call' LED indicator on base for increased visibility
  • Local 'Call' alert tone - programmable
  • Microphone disable mode - programmable
  • Bright and dim indicator operating modes - programmable
  • Vibration 'Call' alert option
  • Beltpack settings revert to default when system power removed
  • Black matt finish to minimise visibility in stage applications
  • Compatible with original Tecpro designs
  • Vibration Alert (BP543 only)


Power requirements: 24 - 30V DC
Maximum current consumption: 40mA in 'Call' mode (all LEDs on)
With optional vibration motor: 50mA
Headset earphone: 8 ohm - 4K earpieces
Microphone: 200 - 600 ohm dynamic
Case material: High Impact ABS
Dimensions: 120mm L x 103mm W x 54mm H
Weight: 240g.
With optional vibrator motor: 260g