Tecpro HS591 Handset Station

The Tecpro HS591 handset is designed to provide clear, intelligible communication in situations where a standard beltpack and headset would be inconvenient - for example in a theatre foyer, ticket office or corridor. It has most of the functionality of a beltpack and is suitable for desk top or wall mounted operation.

HS591 Handset Station

Product Description

When a 'Call' signal is received, a red LED flashes to attract attention and an internal buzzer sounds. The buzzer may be programmed to remain silent.

On detection of a 24KHz 'Remote Mic Kill' tone, the microphone circuit automatically mutes.


  • Desk top or wall mounted operation
  • Earpiece and microphone mute when handset in mic cradle
  • 'Call' switch with red LED
  • EU Licence Exempt frequencies do not interfere with in-ear monitors or radio mic systems
  • 'Call Alert' buzzer and 'Mic Live' indicator
  • Suitable for use with Series 1 and Series 2 products

Technical Specs

Maximum current consumption: 40mA in 'Call' mode (LED illuminated)
Case material: Grey plastic
Dimensions: 210mm x 70mm x 70mm
Weight: 0.4Kg