Tecpro LS Series

Paging Loudspeaker Stations

The LS200, LS400 and LS600 series of paging loudspeaker stations bring paging or listen-only capability to the Tecpro Communications System. They permit the construction of systems where paging can be added without the need for a separate amplifier as they appear to the intercom system just like any other outstation.

LS Series Paging Loudspeaker Stations LS411T

Product Description

Each LS unit contains its own power amplifier, receiving its DC power from the system master via the comms line wiring. For example, a system could be constructed using an MS741 Master Loudspeaker Station, where two-way communications took place on circuit A, while circuit B was used as a paging circuit.

To ensure important announcements are always heard, LS200 loudspeakers can be triggered (irrespective of where the volume control has been set) to default to a preset audio level when a 28kHz 'Override' control signal is received from a MS741 Master Loudspeaker Station.

LS400 and LS600 loudspeakers do not respond to 'Override' commands.

Suitable for use with Series1 and Series 2 products.

Note: Only the MS741 Master Loudspeaker Station can generate the 28kHz 'Override' signal.

Versions Available:

LS211T Single circuit table top / wall mount with front panel volume control and override to preset level
LS611T Single circuit table / top wall mount with screwdriver preset volume control
LS319FB Flushmount steel back box for the discontinued LS211F, LS411F and LS611F (accepts self-tap screws for mounting LS-F unit-supplied with LS-F unit)
  Suffix T for table/surface mount.
  Suffix FB Flush mount Box


  • Paging and talkback functions can be combined in a single system
  • Override function allows remote volume restoration
  • Headset socket: mutes loudspeaker when in use
  • Flush or surface mounting, built-in, hung on a wall or used on a table top
  • Easy individual setting of loudspeaker volume
  • XLR 3 pin interconnection on table/surface mount versions, compatible with standard microphone extension cables
  • Screw terminal plug and socket for easy installation and servicing on flushmount versions
  • Up to 3 watt output - 96dB SPL at 1m


Technical Specs (LS Series Paging Loudspeaker Station)
Power requirements (from system power supply) Equivalent to 2 to 5 headset stations dependent upon average sound level
Audio output Loudspeakers 3W max, over 96dB SPL at 1m
Comms line Bridging impedance >50k ohm
Dimensions Flushmount - 135 x242mm, min depth 50mm
Weight 0.9kg
Technical Specs (Table / Surface Mount)
Dimensions 148 x245 x85mm
Weight 9 kg
Finish Metal enclosure with black enamel finish