Tecpro PB752

Power Booster

The Tecpro Series 2 PB752 Power Booster provides a simple method of supplementing the 24V DC system power within existing Intercom systems of any size when there is insufficient drive current available. This may be due to power loss over long cable runs or because too many outstations and loudspeaker stations are connected to the system.

PS752 Power Booster
  • PS752 Power Booster rear

Product Description

To avoid altering the system impedance set by the main power supply, the PB752 does not terminate the line and no additional isolating components are required.

Maximum available current is 2A and is shared between two outputs to facilitate connection to larger two circuit intercom systems. When connected to a single circuit only, the full 2A is available for that circuit.

The PB752 can be linked to an intercom system at any point. If cable runs are long, the farthest point where voltage drop off is worst would typically be the best connection point.

The Power Booster is protected against short circuit and over-temperature. Protection is electronic and automatic and no resetting is necessary following removal of a fault condition. The unit can be operated world-wide without the need to change AC power supply settings.

The Power Booster is compatible with older Tecpro designs.


  • Free-standing, compact
  • Tough, extruded aluminium case
  • Universal power supply 90-260 V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Power output 2A total
  • Short circuit and overload protection with indication on each intercom circuit
  • Automatic reset after short circuit
  • Supports up to an additional 45 Tecpro BP511beltpacks when used any with Tecpro power supply or master station
  • 3-Pin XLR system connectors are compatible with standard mic cables
  • 'Power ON' indication
  • Suitable for use with Series 1 and Series 2 products


Power requirements Universal power supply, 90 - 260 volts, 47 - 63Hz AC (cable supplied)
Power input connector IEC
Power output 24V (current limited), 2 amps maximum
Output connectors 3-pin XLR male
Dimensions 215 x 110 x 47 mm
Weight 720g