Wall Mount Connector Plates

Wallmount connector plates specifically for use with the Tecpro intercom system. These are designed to Specs BS1363, the British standard for electrical connection accessories, so they fit onto standard electrical flush wallboxes (35mm depth type). Suitable flush boxes, which incorporate 20mm knockouts, are also available. In addition, a very heavy duty cast steel surface mount box is available. This has one 20mm conduit gland entry ready drilled.

Wall Mount Connector Plates
  • MWP968
  • WP969

Product Description

Plates are black anodised 2.5mm aluminium. There is no standard convention for whether intercom wall outlets use male or female XLR connectors, so both types are offered. For installation convenience, XLRs are prewired to a multipole pushfit connector with appropriate mating half supplied. This enables cables to be terminated (and tested), with a simple push-on connection to the plate when the plates are fitted after building work completion.


Six Versions all supplied complete with fixing screws
WP961 Single circuit unit, XLR 3 pin female connector
WP962 Dual circuit unit, XLR 6 pin female connector
WP963 Dual circuit unit, fitted with 'A/B' short toggle selector switch, XLR 3 pin female connector
WP965 As WP961 but XLR male
WP966 As WP962 but XLR male
WP967 As WP963 but XLR male
WP968SB Cast alloy surface box for WP series plates, black stove enamel finish
WP969FB Pressed steel flush box, with 20mm knockouts, 35mm depth